Home Design Architects by Q Asensio Mah JMAguirre Aldaz

Q minimalist decor in May 2009 a modern design with single-family residence in northern Spain. Construction project management techniques, in collaboration with JM Aguirre Aldaz and Architects Satio SL and Ricardo Loureiro Photography. Home is a deliberate exercise in developing a second home to villages around the new suburban neighborhood.

Developing solutions to date are generally compact housing is suddenly flush garden, regardless of the situation complex topography of their sites. Our goal is to produce an alternative atmosphere has been developed through the construction of a clear link between house and garden for the existing conditions in steep terrain. It houses the organization’s strategy to differences in topography of the land register, held a series of terraces, set up the system landscape with different characters

Geometric configuration with the aim of providing some home reading the outline, promote the rich experience of life and landscape scale. Specific organizational strategies and materials designed to produce different size and reading perception, which varies with different viewpoints and under the house.

The building is divided into three zones arranged around a central circulation core.The three bands save the current orientation to the northeast, the south-west to the maximum daylight in every room. Although the band to manage and organize a variety of rooms, the main movement is based on the Switchback enter the vertical orientation of the progressive movement through the house.

Dressed in a dark house “composite” panels are adapted to the digital production techniques. Custom panels are used to coordinate the Section level house, with a common view. This panel offers a number of surface texture and different standards for homes, which reflects the light conditions change in the region in several ways, producing a variety of constantly changing textures and tones.

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